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Stair Climbers & Step Machines Stair Climbers & Step Machines
A lot of workout in a little floor space, steppers have been popular in home and at the gym since the 1990's.

Stair Climbers & Step Machines
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Bounce your way to a healthier lifestyle and an improved immune system.

Rebounders &
Nautilus TreadClimbers®Nautilus TreadClimbers®
The ultimate hybrid workout machine. TreadClimbers combines the actions of a stair climber, treadmill and elliptical trainer in one effective fitness machine.

Nautilus TreadClimbers®
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Fitness Equipment

While Pilates is an excellent stretching, toning and core strengthening workout, your overall fitness level will benefit if you include some other kinds of exercise in your weekly regimen as well. There are plenty of sports and physical activities you can inject into your daily life, but fitness equipment can help you focus and achieve your goals.

It is recommended that you incorporate some cardiovascular exercise on alternate days to your Pilates sessions. This is especially critical if weight loss is one of your goals, but it is important for everybody in this sedentary society to find ways to get their heart rate up on a regular basis.

There are a wide variety of exercise machines on the market. A run on the treadmill, spinning on the exercise bike, or working up a sweat on a rowing machine can all help hone your efforts to complement your Pilates workouts.

The following pages contain a summary of some of the fitness equipment you might consider trying, whether you want something to purchase for your home gym or use at your local health club.
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