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Brisk walking is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and requires no special equipment beyond a good pair of walking shoes. However, investing in a simple, affordable pedometer or step counter can help motivate you to a more active lifestyle.

A pedometer is a tool that counts how many steps you take during a day or a particular workout. You must first calibrate the device to the length of your average stride - the standard setting is 2.2 ft. for women and 2.5 ft. for men. Then simply wear it around your waist or neck and let it record your steps.

There are a range of pedometers/step counters on the market. The most basic models sell for around $10 and simply count your strides and maybe calculate total distance. Moving up to $30 and beyond, there are multi-function models that display speed, elapsed time, calories burned, steps per minute, pulse-rate, a stop-watch, alarm, 7-day history and more. There's even a talking step counter complete with pep talk and motivational music to put a kick in your step.

When purchasing a pedometer, make sure it's comfortable to wear and held securely in place. Some models clip on a belt and some are strung around the neck, but the best models are worn on a band around the waist and aligned over the knee. The pedometer should remain in a vertical position and have some kind of protective casing so that buttons don't accidentally press and reset the count. The display should be easy to read without having to take off the step counter.

In today's sedentary society, many people walk no more than 2,000 steps throughout their daily activity. Set yourself a goal of at least 6,000 steps, and up it to 10,000 if you really want to see results. Here are some tips to squeeze a few more steps in your day: Now, check out the shopping links on this page to reach some of the leading online suppliers of pedometers and step counters!
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