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Gyrotonics (sometimes spelled Gyrotronics) is one of the newer exercise systems to enter the mind/body fitness arena. Developed by Julio Horvath, the method combines elements of Kundalini yoga, gymnastics, swimming, ballet, tai chi and resistance training - and is a perfect complement to Pilates workouts. Focusing on three dimensional, circular, energizing movements, Gyrotonics has been referred to as "yoga in motion", "yoga with resistance" and "the next big thing".

Central to Gyrotonics is a unique piece of exercise equipment known as the Gyrontonic Expansion System, a specially designed wooden machine with rotational discs and weighted pulleys for variable controlled resistance. Whereas most exercise machines work in an unnatural linear manner, this piece of equipment works the muscles, ligaments and joints in a circular, fluid manner, simultaneously stretching and strengthening the body without significant exertion. Each exercise flows smoothly through flexion and extension, contraction and expansion, working from the spine out to the extremities to build internal and external strength. These subtle spiralling and twisting motions are combined with rhythmic breathing and conscious body awareness for a revitalizing mind/body workout. Gyrotronics can be approached as a slow, gentle, restorative experience or sped up for a cardiovascular challenge.

All this improves flexibility, muscle tone, joint articulation, range of motion, stamina, balance, blood circulation and core strength.

Gyrokinesis is based on the same circular principals but uses a mat and stool rather than the specialized exercise equipment. With an emphasis on spinal flexion and dynamic stabilization, poses and postures flow in a smooth, dance-like fashion.

Gyrotonics has been embraced by the performing artist, athletic and rehabilitative communities and is slowly working its way into mainstream fitness popularity as a sensible approach to condition the whole body.

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