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A mixture of boxing punches and martial arts kicks, Tae-Bo is fun and easy.

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You've no doubt seen the Tae Bo infomercials on late night television. Fitness personality Billy Blanks, 7-time world martial arts champion, has parlayed his workout regimen into one of the most successful exercise video programs ever. More than just a passing fitness fad, Tae Bo is a challenging, motivational and effective approach to total body conditioning.

The martial arts and kick boxing influence is hard to miss, as many moves involve kicking, punching and jabbing. This is combined with boot camp style aerobics, interval training, toning, stretching and balance exercises. Tae Bo is not a cakewalk and you will definitely sweat, but Billy Blank's inspirational style will get you through it.

In conjunction with the intense physicality of Tae Bo is a mental and spiritual component. The philosophical premise is that the mind and the will control the body. Only through focus and determination can you transform yourself from the inside out. Here are some of the more popular titles in the Tae Bo series.
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