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Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of movement that is part exercise, part meditation, part martial arts. Developed over 2000 years ago, it has its philosophical roots in Taoism, relates to the I Ching and follows the principals of yin and yang - the dynamic duality in all things. It's all about fostering the flow of chi, the life force energy that animates the body, the same force that is harnessed in acupuncture and other Oriental healing arts. While it is fascinating and enlightening to learn about these ancient concepts, many Tai Chi enthusiasts are simply in it for the exercise benefits and sense of calm it brings to them.

Tai Chi has been described as "poetry in motion" for its slow, graceful, almost dance-like actions. The martial arts based choreography includes circular motions, subtle weight shifting and soft stretches that engage the total body with minimal exertion. Guided imagery and nature-infused visualizations help one achieve proper form. The coordinated sequence of movements are controlled and deliberate, requiring conscious focus and deep breathing rather than strength, force or speed. Because of this gentle approach, all ages and fitness abilities can practice and benefit from Tai Chi.

Some of the basic principals of Tai Chi include: Regular practice of Tai Chi can improve circulation, promote good posture, develop muscle tone, relieve tension, prevent injury and harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Research has shown it can also be beneficial for cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive disorders.

Tai Chi has experienced a recent rise in popularity, and it's not uncommon to find group classes on the roster of most health clubs, fitness facilities, spas, gyms and seniors centers. There are also plenty of home videos on the market so you can learn the Tai Chi postures in the privacy of your living room. You may also find a group of Tai Chi devotees performing in unison in a local park or Chinatown square. Join them and give it a try - or just watch their quiet dance from the sidelines. Either way, you're bound to feel a sense of relaxation wash over you.
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