Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates, as one of the top Pilates equipment bands in the U.S., was founded in 1996. It maintains a stable philosophy that focuses on keeping the integrity of Joseph Pilates original vision intact.

With functionality and safety at the forefront of its business, Peak Pilates has designed a superior product line of classical and advanced Pilates equipment. In addition to providing customers with the most user-friendly system, Peak Pilates is equally dedicated to designing exclusive equipment to meet every customers specific needs. All Peak Pilate equipment is handcrafted from the premium materials to ensure the safety and comfort for enhanced performance, programming flexibility and regular Pilates workouts.

All equipment from Peak Pilates has to pass a number of high quality standards to ensure its essential parts are safe and supportive. The standards are widely applied to the reformer frame, carriage, foam padding, contoured shoulder pads and the gears.

It was Peak Pilate that first introduced foldable Reformers to the Pilates industry in 2 models including the 3-in-1 Deluxe and an upgradeable reformer model. These foldable models are easy for only one person to fold, move and store. The Deluxe model features a tower end, twin mats, a jump board, choose between a long or short box, cushioned handles, foot loops and a non-slip pad to provide practitioners with full support during Pilates exercise. Any adult can lift and roll it with ease, since it weights only about 30-pounds (or 13.6-kilograms).

Aside from reformers, Peak Pilates also produces other pieces of traditional equipment - such as Cadillacs, chairs, barrels, mats and a wide variety of Pilates related accessories including accessories and apparatus for the barrel, cadillac and reformer, DVDs, manuals, exercise bars and other props, and a line of apparel. Its innovation is to deliver a comprehensive Pilates workout through its superior line of built-to-order equipment.
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