Pilates Arc Barrel

Stott Pilates Arc Barrel Stott Pilates Arc Barrel
These lightweight, portable Pilates barrels are a great complement to a mat workout or circuit session. Essentially, these are upholstered arches that help support the back and shoulders and plus open up the neck, hips and thighs, depending on how you use them. They're great rehabilitative tools for those recovering from stress, tension or injury and make a safe surface for deep stretching.

Different manufacturers (for example, Balanced Body, Peak Pilates and Stott Pilates ) have designed these barrels with their own brand names and features. For example, the West Coast Barrel or Arc Barrel is simply an upholstered curved surface that is hollow underneath. The Small Barrel or East Coast style is basically the same thing only with a framed base with handle straps or cut-out grips on it, which can help support the body during some Pilates exercises. Various circumferences of the Semi-Circle Barrel are available (6" to 8") to accommodate different bodies.

Expect to pay anywhere from $130 to $230, depending on size and style.

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