Pilates Balls

Aeromat Anti-Burst 65cm Ball Kit w/Pump and Carrier Aeromat Anti-Burst 65cm Ball Kit w/Pump and Carrier
Swiss Ball, Stability Ball, Gym Ball, Fit Ball - whatever name it goes by, these balls are a great addition to a Pilates workout. Other physical fitness and therapeutic regimens utilise these versatile balls, but they are a particularly good fit with Pilates principles.

The round shell of a sphere is an unstable surface, so when you lie, sit or lean on it, you must continually rebalance yourself. These subtle steadying adjustments help isolate and activate the deepest muscle layers in the core. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your abs are working overtime whenever you are on the ball.

This tool helps:
Hour Glass Workout Ball by Stamina Hour Glass Workout Ball or PhysioRoll by Stamina - great fora little extra stability
Pilates exercises usually performed on a mat can be adapted for the ball. For example, the classic Hundred can be done while lying with your back on the ball, giving an extra challenge to the abs while simultaneously activating the stabilizing muscles throughout the torso.

Pilates On the Ball by Colleen Craig is a recommended book on this subject, and a number of excellent Pilates videos are available as well.

The larger inflatable spheres come in 55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cm diameters to accommodate a range of body sizes. They cost around $25 to $40 and are available at almost any general fitness store. Smaller balls can also be used to enhance Pilates mat exercises.
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