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The Resistance Band, also known as the Flex-Band or Thera-Band, is simply a stretchy strip of latex that can add an element of light resistance to a Pilates workout. This tool is used in other fitness disciplines and rehabilitation techniques, but lends itself particularly well to Pilates as it helps to:

In fact, you can use Resistance Band to replicate certain exercises meant for the Pilates Reformer as it substitutes for the spring
tension on that popular piece of Pilates equipment.

Stott Pilates Arc Barrel Pilates Resistance Bands - the Flex-Band or Thera-Band
The Resistance Band can be used for stretching, toning and sculpting from ankle to wrist - the versatility is incredible for such a simple item. For example, wrap it around your back with your arms in front and you've got a chest press. Step on it while standing and curl up with the biceps, or lunge forward and reach back to activate the triceps. Lie on your back with your foot in the strap and you can perform a single leg stretch. Place it on your feet and hold it taut to assist with abdominal roll backs. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

The beauty of the Band is that it is so economical and portable, you can take it anywhere and get a boost to your Pilates workout. You can buy the latex by the roll and cut bands to size or purchase them ready-made for about $5 to $10, depending on the strength of resistance (they come in regular and extra-strength). You can also tie these latex strips to special handles for a more comfortable hold.

There are also a lot of good Pilates videos that you can use at home with a Resistance Band. Check out the Stott Pilates Videos Flex-Band series for beginner to advanced levels - there's even a safe, seated workout geared towards older or deconditioned exercisers.
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