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Flex Ring Toner Flex Ring Toner - Pilates Ring Made from flexible plastic
Joseph Pilates' original Magic Circle has been slightly modified and is marketed under names such as Fitness Circle , Power Circle, Flex Ring Toner , Ultra-Fit Circle and Spring Circle, depending on the manufacturer (Balanced Body, Peak Pilates, Stott Pilates etc). Who would think on initial glance that a simple "O" of sprung steelor flexible plastic could facilitate so many exercises for the total body?

For example, you can use the Circle standing, sitting or lying down on your front, back or side. You can squeeze both in and out on the circumference with your legs or arms for abduction and adduction exercises. You can place the contoured handles on your shoulder and push down with the triceps. You can grasp the Ring in both hands as you squeeze in with the chest muscles. You can balance the "O" between your knees to help you focus on your abs.

This is surprisingly multipurpose piece of Pilates equipment that can help:
The Classic Pilates Circles made of spring steel
Magic Circles and their counterparts are available in a range of resistance tensions (from band level 2 to 4) and diameters (12" to 14") to meet the needs of different body sizes and ability levels. Some are made of steel and wood, others are covered in a non-slip rubber coating accented in a myriad of colors. Prices range from $30 to $60.

There are quite a few Pilates videos on the market that feature the Circle/Ring in their fitness program. For example, Stott Pilates has three Fitness Circle titles in their renowned series of Stott Pilates videos and Balanced Body has a Flex-Ring Toner title great for working out with this prop at home.
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