Pilates Clothing

The movement and body positions of Pilates demand a certain type of clothing be worn. Choosing the appropriate clothing to wear while practicing will make your Pilates workouts more effective and comfortable. However, many practitioners are confused when it comes to picking the right attire for Pilates. According to your age, postures, studio room temperature and your endurance, clothing can vary. Comfort should be your foremost concern, because if you are not relaxed, youll probably be self-conscious, too uncomfortable and hesitant to perform certain poses.

A fitted cotton T-shirt is an ideal option for your upper body attire. This will enable you to perform the stretching and breathing exercises with ease. It doesnt matter if you prefer to wear, thin or thick t-shirts, racer back sports bras or crossover tank tops as you go through the Pilates routine; its important to always allow your arms the freedom to move. Big loose T-shirts are not recommended because they will hinder your (and your instructors) ability to notice if your abdominals and knees are properly engaged during the exercises.

The most important feature of Pilates pants is the waist. Tight elastics, drawstrings and buttons make certain Pilates movements extremely uncomfortable to hold. Capri-style pants, leggings and shorts are good choices, as theyre form fitting and let you keep an eye on your alignment. Sometimes, you can also wear a pair of slightly loose pants, as long as they make you feel comfortable and theyre not so baggy that they hinder your view. Make sure your pants allow you to lift straight up during workouts and dont keep bagging under your body and catching up in your feet during exercise.

As for shoes, practitioners of Pilates exercise suggest bare feet. Cotton socks can be worn if you prefer to keep your feet warm. However, be aware that wearing socks might make for slippery mat work.
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