Pilates Reformer/Cadillac Combos

Peak Pilates Cadillac Convertible Peak Pilates Cadillac Convertible
Several manufacturers have engineered a way to combine arguably the two most popular pieces of Pilates equipment - the Pilates Reformer and the Pilates Cadillac (also known as the Trapeze Table). Studios or home gyms with limited space and/or budget might consider looking into these hybrid models.

Balanced Body offers a complete Cadillac that hides a full-sized Reformer underneath the removable table-top mat - two for one area of floor space. Other units, such as Stott Pilates Rehab Reformer, resemble a standard Reformer with a half wall of Cadillac features on one end. Obviously, the full repertoire of Cadillac-based exercises is not possible with this kind of combo machine. However, with an adjustable push through bar, a roll down bar, a trapeze plus leg and arm springs, it provides a wide range of exercise possibilities.

If you prefer to keep your pieces separate - perhaps to have different clients working simultaneously - a space saving option is to combine a stand-alone Reformer with a Cadillac Wall Unit, adjustable for use with either a floor mat or a standard therapeutic treatment table. Most of the large Pilates equipment manufacturers offer something like this.
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