Pilates Ladder Barrel

Ladder Barrel, Ped-A-Pul, Tower by Balanced Body Pilates Ladder Barrel, Ped-A-Pul, Tower by Balanced Body Pilates
Like the name says, this piece of Pilates equipment consists of ladder-like rungs and a rounded barrel-like surface on which a multitude of stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises can be performed. The barrel is separated from the ladder by a sliding base that can adjust to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths in a range of Pilates exercises. The ladder rungs - four to six in total - are also adjustable to facilitate varying levels of fitness.

The Pilates Ladder Barrel helps isolate deep postural muscles and challenges the body on all planes of movement. For example, one exercise has you sitting on the barrel facing the ladder with your feet secured in the rungs, then you arch back over the barrel with your vertebrae following its contour and activate the core abdominals to return to the starting position in a controlled manner. Mental focus is key to executing this safely and effectively. Other exercises have you facing the other way, with your belly on the barrel, giving you a supported spinal stretch that helps to release tension.

Professional-quality Ladder Barrels tend to run in the $900 to $1500 range. Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates and Stott Pilates are some of the more reputable manufacturers of this Pilates equipment.
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