Pilates Machines

Pilates machines are pieces of exercise equipment, designed to shape and tone the muscles of entire body. They also aid in improving flexibility, balance and strength.

The Pilates reformer is one of the most popular machines that Pilates students use. This machine is set up with a horizontal cushioned platform that slides back and forth. Attached are several detachable heavy-duty elastic cords. Some high quality reformers have adjustable headrests along with bulky foam shoulder pads that offer extra comfort and support. Fitted with different levels of resistance springs, the platform glides back and forth smoothly when the user pushes off from a stationary bar or pulls forward on the resistance straps. Reformer exercises challenge users to keep the platform moving while forcing them to keep their core balance.

The reformer helps students utilize the 6 principles of Pilates exercise - including concentration, centering, breath, control, flow and precision. It allows one to work through a variety of exercises with a full range of motion in each joint. Training on this all-in-one piece of equipment can dramatically change your body shape, because you will be working every major muscle group as well as its supporting muscles - such as the obliques, abdominals, back, neck, legs, thighs, arms and other muscles that support the core and the spine.

For beginners, a neutral position is the first required posture to learn. In neutral, your spine should be neither too arched nor too flat on the reformer bed as you move your arms and legs by stretching the straps.

Some reformers are designed to be folded for portability and stored easily under a bed or in a closet. The price range of reformers varies widely due to the material (wood versus stainless steel), added cushions and unique features. Standard reformers cost approximately $300 or less online; while deluxe reformers can cost as high as $6000 online.
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