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Pilates exercise is a series of exercises designed to improve strength and flexibility through repeated stretching and balancing. Some manufacturers that design and sell the necessary Pilates props (mats and rings) and equipment (reformers and Wunda chairs) can help you bring Pilates home or send you running with a sore spine.

You see, inventing Pilates equipment was at first rather rudimentary business. Joseph Pilates invented his first Pilates machinery constructed crudely of hospital beds with springs and strings haphazardly attached. Various pieces of equipment were created thanks to Pilates, but today Pilates enthusiasts have joined efforts to make these machines safer, more affordable, more convenient, more efficient and more comfortable for the average Pilates student.

Due to its popularity and the increasing demand for equipment, almost every Pilates manufacturer was compelled to develop their own Pilates pieces in the beginning. The chaotic situation has settled down recently and 3 or 4 major manufacturers have taken the reigns in the hopes to advance the safety and usability of Pilates props and equipment.

The 3 leading manufacturers include:

Supreme Pilates - You might have seen designer Ellen Croft doing the late night infomercial circuit. The former horse training assistant for the Canadian Olympic Modern Pentathlon team merged the benefits of mat and equipment exercise in her popular Pilates system.

Peak Pilates - This brand is synonymous with the traditions that Joseph Pilates cemented in his classic Pilates style. Peaks lightweight, foldable Reformer has become a top seller. More and more Pilates studios are relying on the Peak Pilates products - like Cadillacs, chairs, barrels, mats and Pilates related accessories - to furnish their Pilates studios throughout the U.S.

Zone Pilates - Turns a cheek on classic Pilates and unveils a unique take on the Pilates home kit. It contains a durable padded sculpting band, video materials and a foot guide mat, to help you target three major body zones (upper body, waist area and lower body). With the Zone kit you never have to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home.
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