Pilates Spine Supporter

Stott Pilates Spine Supporter Stott Pilates Spine Supporter
No surprise here that the Spine Supporter helps to support the spine while performing Pilates exercises. Sometimes marketed as a C-Shaper for its half-moon form, you could say it's a barrel in reverse.

Those with weak lower backs will find it a great component to add to a mat session or circuit training program. It also helps one develop proper form for Pilates abdominal, lumbar and pelvic work while also reducing neck and shoulder strain. The Spine Supporter/C-Shaper is especially effective for safely modifying exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation, and is particularly effective for pregnant and post-partum Pilates students.

These fully upholstered pieces include a strap and go for approximately $150. Contact Pilates equipment manufacturers such as Balanced Body, Peak Pilates or Stott Pilates for details.

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