Supreme Pilates

The Supreme Pilates Trainer system was developed by Ellen Croft, a former horse training assistant for the Canadian Olympic Modern Pentathlon team. Today, Croft is a Pilates master instructor living in Santa Barbara, California. Crofts vision, Supreme Pilates brings a straightforward Pilates workout into everyones home. It began selling via television infomercials a couple years ago and caught on like wildfire.

The Supreme Pilates program combines the body shaping benefits of Pilates mat work with easy-to-find studio-grade exercise equipment. The package comes with the Supreme Pilates Machine (accessories and manual included), as well as a 25-minute VHS or DVD demonstration of the 25-minute Speed Sculpting Workout, a set of Supreme Slimming Fitness Cards and the Success Tracker.

The Supreme Pilates Machine is a space-saver that anyone can afford and make room for in their home. It folds flat and stores under a bed. Although its not as large or complex as a regular reformer, it has all the qualities and features to allow you burn extra fat and sculpt a better body at the same time. The instructional videos that come with the machine are also designed by Croft, to help you correct your alignment and maintain proper movement.

In addition, there are a few free bonuses combined within the Supreme Pilates package - such as the Supreme Slimming Eating Guide - which is a video of Accelerated Body Sculpting that includes Mari Winsors (of the famous Winsor Pilates technique) Dynamic Sequencing video.

Supreme Pilates offers a 30-day trial for as low as $55 (shipping and handling fees are included). Within 30 days, if you arent happy with the program you get a full refund - no questions asked. If you like the system, simply pay an additional $70 to complete the payment and Supreme Pilates is yours to keep.
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