Zone Pilates

The Zone Pilates System is the latest revolution in Pilates exercise that makes Pilates easy and effective. The system divides your body into three particular target areas which are called zones. By working on these certain zones only a few minutes a day, the specially designed sculpting band can provide consistent resistance to tone your core muscles - including your spine, abdominals and lower back - simultaneously.

Zone Pilates focuses on 3 zones:

Zone One - The upper body - includes arms and shoulders.
Zone Two - The waist - includes the abs and lower back.
Zone Three - The lower body - focuses on the thighs and buttocks.

The Zone Pilates sculptor is a durable ring prop made from steel and wrapped in high-quality foam padding. When you place the ring on any part of your body, you will your muscles to firm and tighten during the exercise. A Pilates circle offers consistent resistance and engages multiple muscles at once to improve the efficiency of your workout.

Use the sculptor by:

The Zone Pilates package comes with DVD or VHS instruction, the sculptor, a unique Foot GuideMat which demonstrates all correct Pilates positioning to ensure you stay in proper form, a meal planner and a Pilates extender to adjust the size of the sculptor to fit any body type. The kit costs about $45 online (shipping and handling fees are included).
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