McEntire Workout Method ™

McEntire Workout Method ™The Michigan-based McEntire Workout Method, developed by professional dancer Trent McEntire, bills itself as "Expanded Pilates with Integrity." Hundreds of original movements and modifications have been added to the original Pilates repertoire, including adaptations that are specifically beneficial for sports and rehabilitation. As a corporate member of the Pilates Method Alliance, the essence of the McEntire Workout Method remains faithful to the principles set forth by J. H. Pilates.

There are three different certified teacher levelsoffering 20 different options for designing a program to suit your individual needs and goals. After two to four courses you can opt for the internship stream that requires weekly observation, teaching, practice and study. Or you can opt for the more flexible apprentice stream, which requires similar hours but without a set schedule. Oral and practical exams follow. Master Teacher certification is available after five years of experience.

The certification program begins with the McEntire Mat course, which provides a solid foundation to the movement method. Other courses involve accessories such as Bandwork/Ballwork plus the traditional small and large Pilates equipment pieces. Specialized workshops include PRIME (Post Rehabilitation and Injury Modifications for Efficiency), Anklework for Dancers and Athletes, and Plates for the Golfer.

Classes, courses and workshops take place at McEntire's Rochester and West Bloomfield locations or can be hosted at other facilities around the world. There is also a growing network of affiliated facilities that offer McEntire Workout Method programs as well. Each course costs from $1000 to $1600. Workshop prices vary.
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