PhysicalMind Institute®

PhysicalMind Institute®The PhysicalMind Institute®, based in New York, teaches what they call The Method Pilates as originally prescribed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago. They teach 8 fundamental mat exercises on which all other mat and equipment exercises are based and build from there.

After a 15-hour Initiation 101 course on Pilates principles (about $400), you can progress to a course that provides instruction in teaching mat exercises. This can be achieved in a weekend for less than $400, and no special prerequisites are necessary for enrolment. For those just looking to teach classic mat classes, this is one of the most economical approaches in terms of both time and money.

However, certification in equipment-based Pilates workouts is a little more intensive. Concentration 101 works on the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair. This ten-week course consists of 275 hours, including 10 sessions on the apparatus, plus time for observation, self-practice, lecture, homework and assistant teaching. Though this, you obtain an Associate Instructor certificate that allows you to begin work in the Pilates field. After at least 9 months of hands-on experience you can take the written and practical exam that awards full certification, which is renewable on a bi-annual basis. This costs around $2600-$3000.

Concentration 201 (about $600) is a 3-day intensive graduate program that teaches more advanced Pilates exercises, plus use of small props, sport-specific training, modifications for clients with osteoporosis and more.
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