Pilates Certification

During the past decade, Pilates has become a hot fitness trend. Nearly everyone can do Pilates either at home or in a class under an instructors supervision. Although there is no statutory ordinance governing Pilates teacher training, the certification is awarded by dozens of registered professional associations - such as PMA (Pilates Method Alliance), NETA (National Exercise Trainer Association), AFPA (American Fitness Professional Association), ExpertRating and others.

Pilates instructors are trained through an inclusive training program that involves various fields of studying - incorporating anatomy, physiology, communication skills and a unique unit on planning, organizing and teaching Pilates properly. Most applicants need a lengthy background in practicing Pilates or a related physical therapy. According to an individuals understanding, the training program can take as little as a few weeks or several months.

To become a qualified Pilate instructor, you have to develop whats known as body awareness by focusing on exercises with holistic principles. You will work in a hands on environment with individuals on mats or Pilates machines. Also, you need to have a certain personality to suit Pilates teaching. Some ideal traits include patience, warmth, an interest in meeting and helping people, the ability to motivate groups or individuals, and you need to have knowledge and confidence in order to be able to give suggestions to help improve student poses. For instance, many former dancers become Pilates instructors.

Some colleges provide diploma courses for Pilates instructors. These teach you to design and teach Pilates classes. In addition, more advanced classes provide training for working with people with moderate risk - such as those with back or shoulder injuries. In general, college Pilates courses take about 12 to 18 months to complete.

Most Pilates certifications are completed with self-testing. You can purchase the study-exam kit from the websites of the professional Pilates associations named above. The price of a package ranges from about $50 to $400, depending on its depth. Normally the kits also contain audio materials, books and a study guide.
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