Polestar Education®

Polestar Education®Polestar Education®, based in Miami, offers courses throughout North America and around the world. They teach a scientific "Pilates-evolved" approach which blends contemporary research in orthopedics, kinesiology, biomechanics and sports medicine with Pilates principles: core control, strength, flexibility, alignment, coordination, balance.

Polestar has two curriculum streams - Rehabilitation and Fitness. The Rehabilitation stream is geared towards licensed chiropractors, physical therapists and the like, combining lectures and hands-on labs to train professionals who can safely and confidently design treatment programs for patients with a range of body conditions.

Polestar's Fitness curriculum is geared towards fitness instructors and personal trainers, and is further divided into three streams - Studio, Mat and Allegro . The Studio stream provides a comprehensive education in Pilates exercises for the mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table and Ladder Barrel. The Mat stream covers the floor-based Pilates exercises along with small props such as foam rollers, gym balls and balance boards. The Allegro stream specializes in programming small group classes on this unique brand of club Reformer.

Each stream prepares instructors with a solid foundation in the Pilates principles, a broad repertoire of exercises, how to modify them for a variety of client needs plus effective cueing, sequencing, use of imagery and program design.

Most courses are concentrated into a full 16-hour weekend session, and usually 4 courses are required to achieve certification in each stream. Between sessions, students are encouraged to devote time to practice, observation and internship. All in all, it takes over 400 hours to work up to the examination requirement per stream (over 200 hours for the Mat stream) and costs around $2400-$3000.

Unique to Polestar is their continued learning support system, where students can consult with Polestar Master Educators by phone or email throughout their study.
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