Power Pilates

The Power Pilates Affiliate Training Center (PPATC) first opened in 1989 and quickly became a popular Pilates training center. It established its certification program in New York City in 1997. Today, the studio has certified more than 2,000 instructors who maintain their certification and skill level, and teach the classical technique of Joseph Pilates at over 20 locations all over the world.

Various types of classes are offered through Power Pilates. They include private classes (only one student and one instructor), duet classes (2 students to 1 instructor), semi-private classes (3 to 4 students with 1 instructor), tower classes (maximum 10 people in a group) and mat classes (maximum 24 people in a group).

In addition to Power Pilates classes, the PPATC also provides certification training programs - such as mat certification, comprehensive certification, 12-day intensive courses, Be a Bridge Participant courses and Power Pilates system training (from levels 1 to 3).
Power Pilates beginner and intermediate level mat certifications each consist of 16-hour programs. No apparatus is required during the class. You will be qualified to teach a beginner and intermediate level mat class once you successfully complete each weekend certification.

For those who dont have an anatomy or kinesiology background, the studio provides a Basics of Anatomy course to get you up to speed. Attending a minimum of 10 to 15 classically taught mat classes is strongly recommended, so that you can learn the technique of this balanced workout (total body workout) on a mat. Also, they help you to develop the ability to recognize proper body mechanics, so you can work with special clients who suffer from neck, back, knee or shoulder injuries. The course costs $450 - this includes classes, exams and one extra opportunity to re-test if necessary.
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