Stott Pilates

Stott Pilates™Based in Toronto with a network of facilities all over the world, Stott Pilates teaches a contemporary approach to Pilates exercises that incorporates modern knowledge of biomechanics, sports medicine and functional anatomy into the Pilates exercise repertoire. Stott teaches a preparatory exercise before each main exercise to establish safe and effective form, which makes it beneficial for everyone from rehabilitation patients to professional athletes. Principles of patterned breathing, pelvic placement (using a neutral or imprinted spine), rib cage placement, shoulder stabilization and proper head/neck alignment underlie the Stott Pilates system.

Courses are divided into Intensive (for fitness professionals), Comprehensive (for those with some related experience), Rehabilitation (for health professionals) and Graduate streams. A series of levelled modules are required for each course (level 1 for beginner and intermediate exercises on both mat and equipment, level 2 for advanced exercises), plus a course that teaches Pilates variations, modifications and applications for specific injuries and a broad range of body conditions. Visual, verbal and tactile cueing, use of imagery and client motivation is stressed to develop effective, professional Pilates instructors with the confidence to design program for a range of clients in a group or personal training session.

After these course modules are completed, a written and practical exam can be taken to award full certification. All in all, full Comprehensive certification takes about 9 months of 15 hours a week plus 100 hours of apprentice time and costs around $3000-$3500.

Stott Pilates also offers a series of workshops for continuing education credits, and can fly in a qualified Instructor Trainer to conduct these courses at any facility. They've also produced a highly regarded series of Pilates videos for both professional and home exerciser use.
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