The Pilates Studio

The Pilates Studio, with 11 course locations throughout the world, teaches what they call Authentic Pilates, true to the original forms, techniques and sequences devised by Joseph Pilates himself. It is closely aligned with the Pilates Guild, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Joseph Pilates' original work.

As a prerequisite, it is suggested that students take at least 75 private sessions in Authentic Pilates prior to enrolment to familiarize themselves with the philosophy and physiology of the exercises.

Phase One of the curriculum is a series of seminars covering beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises on the mat and Pilates equipment. This can be completed in three five-day courses or an intensive 12-day course. Phase Two is a 600-hour Apprenticeship program working with a Pilates Guild certified instructor through observation, practice, assisting and solo supervised teaching. Exams are required after each phase and must be completed within one year. This program costs about $4000, awarding successful students with a Certificate in Authentic Pilates.

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