10 Minute Solution Pilates

10 Minute Solution Pilates was created based on the reality that not everyone has time to fit a lengthy 30 minute Pilates class into their daily routine. This DVD was designed to fit into any busy schedule, with easy ten minute workouts that focus on specific body target zones.

This Pilates DVD includes five different versions of ten minute routines in which each version targets a different area of the body and has a specific exercise goal. The video is customizable because the user can combine the five routines in any order that they like.

The first part of the video contains a ten minute routine that is designed to work and tone the abs. This section focuses on what they call the body's core, and the targeted exercises work your abs at their deepest level. It's the perfect ten minute routine for achieving tighter, flatter abs and stomach.

The second section of the video tackles the thighs and buttocks. These exercises aim for tightening and strengthening the muscles of the buns and thighs - the trouble spots for many women. The video instructor uses a number of smooth-flowing, dynamic movements that work to re-shape your lower body. The results are lean, firm legs and toned sculpted buns.

The third section is a general body sculpting routine to achieve toned arms and sexy shoulders. This section of the video incorporates small free weights into your Pilates routine. The hand-held weights help to achieve toned and sexy sculpted arms without the bulk.

Up next is a ten minute routine that focuses on performing specifically structured movements to burn fat and calories. This is when you will feel the burn! It is a challenging, fluid exercise routine that will be sure to burn those extra calories. Using a combination of toning and cardio, it is a complete body-working system.

The final ten minute section of the video deals directly with increasing the flexibility of the body through a number of special stretches and movements. This is one of the most relaxing sections of the video. It reduces stress and anxiety while increasing flexibility.

10 Minute Solution Pilates is structured so that you can play all five sections of the video at once or just do one section. Or, you can create your own personalized workout by combining whichever ten minute routines that you wish. The exercises are simple and relatively easy to do, but you will definitely feel the results of your labor the next day! With the ability to change up the routine, it is a great video for those who are easily bored.

Certified Pilates instructor Lara Hudson offers her expertise and provides the right amount of motivation and dialogue to explain the exercises. The 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD is available on Amazon.com for approximately $11.

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