The Pilates Back Book

The Pilates Back Book: Heal Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain with Easy Pilates Stretches

Tia Stanmore
Fair Winds Press (2002), 128 pages
Approximately $12

For the millions of people plagued with back pain, this book offers some relief through Pilates exercises. The program targets the problem areas of the neck, back, and shoulders and shows how stretching and strengthening these areas can prevent injury, eliminate pain, and promote overall well-being.

What gives this book an advantage over most other Pilates books is that there are large, color photos for each exercise that help illustrate the moves as you work towards proper postural alignment, a strong core, and a more flexible body. The movements are explained step-by-step without too much confusing detail, and the photos are not interrupted with a lot of unnecessary copy - all of the important facts and bulk of information is located at the beginning of the book.

The “Pilates Defined” section contains information on how the Pilates method works, the principles behind the method, and how to perform the exercises correctly and effectively. The chapter on “Pilates and your Body” talks about your spine, proper moving patterns, the musculoskeletal system, and how to take care of your spine and body. The actual workout is the last section of the book, entitled “Pilates-Based Programme for the Spine.” This section includes preparations, exercise fundamentals, strength and flexibility development, and descriptions of the actual exercises. With so many different Pilates exercises to choose from, you can pick the ones that best suit your body type and physical abilities. The exercises range from beginner to intermediate levels and best of all, they are effective - a definite must-have for back pain sufferers!

Tia Stanmore is a certified Pilates instructor and is skilled in the use of Pilates for physiotherapy, and is knowledgeable in the area of injury prevention. The Pilates Back Book is an exercise program that claims to:

Increase flexibility and inner muscle strength
Correct postural problems and reduce your risk of injury
Speed recovery time from sore necks, back aches, and strained muscles

The Pilates Back Book is a great guide for those who do not necessarily live by the Pilates way of life, but instead use it as a quick fix for back pain or other related conditions. But if you do complete Pilates quite consistently then you will begin to see and experience the long-term benefits of this intelligent exercise.

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