Pilates Plus Method

Jennifer Kries' Pilates Plus Method: The Unique Combination of Yoga, Dance, and Pilates

Jennifer Kries
Warner Books (2002), 304 pages
Approximately $18

Fitness personality and video star Jennifer Kries' has authored the Pilates Plus Method, an exercise program that she calls “ultimate fitness for body, mind, and spirit.” Her unique “Magic Triangle” combination - Pilates, yoga, and dance - can increase your serenity and stamina.

With her unique combination of Pilates, eastern yoga principles, dance techniques, and strength training, she has designed a program that targets the abdominals to build core strength, providing a powerful workout for your entire body. With her years of dance and teaching experience she has created a complete fitness workout that will calm minds and sculpt toned bodies in just one hour a week.

She begins the book by explaining her method workout and how it was born. Then she moves on to explaining the basic principles of Pilates, yoga, and dance. Kries' identifies and describes the nine essential principles of the workout, emphasizing a strong focus on examining the breathing techniques of yoga and breath control. Kries' stresses the importance of making this exercise program a pleasurable experience, rather than some painful endurance competition.

The book contains a complete pre-exercise section designed to give you a feel for the workout and prepare you for the more complicated exercises. Following this is the actual workout program. The exercises are detailed and clearly written, and are illustrated with black and white, step-by-step, time-lapsed photographs of Jennifer Kries performing the exercises herself. Included on each page is an “insight box” which offers helpful tips and tricks for completing the exercise, as well as what to imagine to keep your body focused. The workout section of the book is further divided into three different yet equally complete routines that last between 30 and 45 minutes each. A full chart labels all the exercises as 1, 2, or 3 in terms of fitness levels.

The last two sections of the book are the “On the Fly” segment with exercises for specific sports activities and some time-saver moves, and the “Taking It with You” part which helps you incorporate the Pilates Method into your way of life.

Some of the rigorous exercise sequences in Jennifer Kries' videos can be a bit intimidating to follow, but the Pilates Plus Method book is the perfect companion to her DVD series. Her book fully explains her method and proper form which makes it easier for you to follow along with the exercises on the videos. The Pilates Plus Method is a very motivational book supplying dozens of inspirational quotes, giving you the care and support you need during any exercise program.

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