Yogilates: Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength, and Flexibility

Jonathan Urla
Collins; Reprint edition (2003), 208 pages
Approximately $14

This trademarked fitness regimen combines the best of Hatha yoga and Pilates for an effective hybrid workout. Both disciplines are challenging to master as the mind must focus on subtle movements, precise positioning, and muscle control. Jonathan Urla's exercise program is less demanding than your typical Pilates workout because it has been blended with the soothing and mind-relaxing techniques of yoga. It is a not too easy, not too hard, easy-to-stick-with modern approach to exercise!

Yogilates provides a much more complete workout then if you were to do either discipline on its own. Regular exercise will help you to increase your flexibility, create a stronger more streamlined body, improve posture and balance, and be on your way to achieving internal tranquility.

Focusing on safety as much as fitness, the book begins with sections on the Yogilates philosophy and how to assess your own fitness level - Urla describes beginner and advanced poses and movement sequences in detail, encouraging you to go at your own pace. He provides sensible guidelines for progressing your fitness level and physical capabilities. The book carefully explains the proper breathing techniques, exercise form, and how to test your flexibility and alignment.

The Yogilates lessons and exercise descriptions are easy-to-read which makes the whole routine quite understandable with minimal confusion. The text captions of each exercise are coupled with illustrative black and white photographs of yoga and Pilates instructors showing you how to complete each move. The exercise routines are divided into three different sections: The Yogilates Essential Awareness Exercises which will introduce you to the way of Yogilates, The Beginner Series, and Advancing Your Yogilates Practice. The last chapter is devoted to helping you in Completing Your Yogilates Fitness Program. Each of the exercises is also further described in his tips and tricks sections that he calls “refinements.”

Yogilates combines the traditional breathing, stretching, and mindfulness of yoga with the core strengthening matwork of Pilates. Jonathan Urla is a certified Pilates and yoga instructor who has created a unique exercise program designed to stimulate the body, mind, and soul. He claims that you do not need to have any prior experience in yoga or Pilates to learn Yogilates, and that all you need is some floor space and a mat. Urla's workout program is appropriate for people of all ages and is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their overall health, fitness, and well-being.

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