Pilates For Every Body

Pilates For Every Body: Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone With This Complete 3-Week Body Makeover

Denise Austin
Rodale Books; Reprint Edition (2003), 320 pages
Approximately $12

Popular fitness guru Denise Austin has written a guide to Pilates exercise suitable for a wide audience. Special routines are described for beginners, de-conditioned people, those with bad backs or joint problems, and more.

The beginning chapters of the book talk about what the Pilates program can do for you and touch upon the core Pilates movements. This section also includes a beginner's program, a complete program, and warm-up and cool-down programs.

The next section of the book is the Pick Your Plan exercise routines. These are five or ten minute routines to choose from that each target a different area of the body. There is a ten minute routine for each of the abs, upper body, healthy back, and the hips, thighs and butt. The five minute routines incorporate the use of particular Pilates exercise equipment. There is a five minute routine for the fitness ball, and a five minute resistance band leg workout. A couple other routines may also include the use of small hand weights, but the other sections of the book are mainly mat routines.

The final section of the book is entitled the 3-Week Total Body Makeover. This total body makeover section includes a meal plan, a cardio workout program, a positive thinking program, and a progressive plan to set you on your way towards complete mind-body fitness.

Step-by-step illustrations take you through a full body sequence with a special focus on concentration and breathing - two in, two out. Although most proponents of Pilates don't promote it as a quick-fix regimen, the author promises results in just 21 days.

Austin provides clear explanations of each exercise in her program which combines classic Pilates moves with yoga and weight training. The illustrative photos throughout the book are of Denise herself as she shows you how to complete each exercise. Her exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles of the body and improve posture while limiting the possibility of injury.

Denise Austin is that peppy, fitness personality that you have seen in dozens of fitness videos. She has developed her own line of Pilates workout videos and has now authored a book. Even though Pilates is not particularly her area of expertise, she has jumped on the Pilates bandwagon anyways. Pilates for Every Body is not only an exercise routine, but a complete mind-body fitness program.

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