Crunch Pilates Series

Crunch videos have created a series of Pilates DVDs, along with their other numerous dance-cardio exercise programs. Crunch fitness programs are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced fitness trainer or if you have never exercised a day in your life.

The workout environment created on the videos is nonjudgmental and non-competitive. The workouts include creative, lively instructors with an atmosphere of fat-burning fun. The philosophy behind the videos is to “be inspired and have fun.”

Titles include:

The hook to the Pick Your Spot Pilates video is quick, effective, targeted workouts for the abs, buns and thighs - Pilates spot toning for the time-challenged beginner. Three ten minute mini-workouts focus on these particular areas, plus there's a ten minute total body segment that brings it all together.

As for Fat Burning Pilates, this 40 minute low-impact workout combines standing and mat exercise that can get the heart pumping if you perform it at the right pace and intensity.

For a slower paced workout, try Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend. This Pilates video contains a yoga-inspired routine that is invigorating yet relaxing. You move through a series of yoga-style deep breathing exercises and then work your way through some ab work towards the end. This is one workout you'll look forward to doing as it doesn't push the body too hard - just don't be fooled because it is tougher than it looks!

Burn and Firm Pilates uses a combination of standing Pilates exercises with a cardio dance-inspired exercise session where you will really “feel the burn.” Light hand weights are also incorporated into a section of the exercise routine which will speed up the body toning process.

The Crunch Pilates 3 Pack includes Pick your Spot Pilates, Fat Burning Pilates, and Burn and Firm Pilates. It's a great deal for those of you who really enjoy the workouts that Crunch has to offer. You can alternate between the three videos so that you'll never get tired of just the same old exercise program.

On each of the videos, L.A. Crunch instructor Ellen Barrett and her entourage of demonstrators motivate you through the moves and modifications. Ellen Barrett is a certified fitness and Pilates instructor and provides easy to follow, low-impact Pilates routines. The Crunch Pilates workout DVD's can be purchased on for about $11 and the Pilates 3 Pack is about $35.

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