Flatten Your Belly with Pilates

Prevention Magazine has produced a Pilates video lead by instructor Michelle Dozois. Michelle Dozois is a certified Pilates professional, a personal trainer, a veteran of exercise videos, and has15 years of experience in professional fitness. She is also the co-owner of Breakthru Fitness - Pilates and personal training studio in Pasadena, CA.

If you are looking to achieve a smaller, flatter, and more toned tummy than this video is just what you need! This quick-paced 30 minute workout maximizes the entire timeslot for creating a beautifully toned midsection. The exercises target the midsection by working the torso from all angles, and by activating the deepest muscles of the abdominals. The correct exercise form is very important to achieve that streamlined look when finished.

Flatten Your Belly With Pilates is fresh and dynamic, and offers three workout levels to choose from. These levels contain modifications for a range of ability levels which make the Pilates video suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Anyone can easily trim their waistline, firm their abs, and create a long, lean torso. It is great for Pilates beginners because they can grow with the DVD.

The user can advance a level to add more resistance to their workout, or drop down a level to just work on technique and breathing exercises. The more advanced levels on the video have more challenging exercise routines and longer extensions of the body movements and positions. Sometimes the screen even splits to display all three levels at once.

The video also includes a bonus booklet. The booklet is entitled “The Fat to Firm Meal Plan.” It is a healthy food plan guide that includes eating three wholesome meals a day with additional snacks. It focuses on increasing your dietary intake of calcium and fiber which are two important nutrients that boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. The meal plan is designed so that you never go hungry - which is every dieter's dream.

The Flatten Your Belly With Pilates DVD has a number of viewing options. You can play the DVD in its entirety or you can select a specific chapter. Other options include choosing from a variety of pre-programmed alternative workouts, or you can create your own personalized workout program.

Michelle Dozois has a pleasant, non-intimidating personality and delivers a fun, yet challenging workout. Her motivating and simple instructions make the video easy to follow and it provides clear explanations on the proper form that should be used throughout the workout. Flatten Your Belly With Pilates is available on Amazon.com for approximately $13.

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