Gaiam® (Living Arts) Series

This eco-conscious “lifestyle company” has done a great job creating a line of health and wellness products with a mind-body focus, including a reputable line of Pilates videos.

The Gaiam series videos have been categorized into the different types and levels of Pilates exercises. You can find a Pilates video for any fitness level or specific Pilates workouts for targeted body-zones. Some of the videos also incorporate the use of certain exercise equipment such as body balls and body rings.

Soft lighting, soothing music and natural settings make their workout programs as calming to watch as they are invigorating to do - you can almost smell the incense burning through your television set. There is substance behind the style, though, as the company has teamed up with some of the brightest names in the Pilates industry such as Ana Caban, Jillian Hessel, and Suzanne Deason. These motivational and well trained Pilates instructors provide you with step-by-step guidance for a sensational workout. They guide you through a series of challenging and efficient exercises that are focused on precise movement and form.

Some of the titles include:

Gaiam has also packaged a series of kits that include various combinations of yoga and Pilates videos, books, and small equipment pieces such as mats, resistance bands, BodyBalls and Body Circles. These workouts-in-a-box are a great way to introduce yourself to Pilates exercise right at home. Most of the video workouts are about 25 minutes in length.

The videos in the series can be purchased as singles or in a DVD box set. The individual DVD's are around $13 while the box sets can range anywhere between $40 and $60. Both versions are available on

Gaiam used to produce videos under the name Living Arts, and some of the Pilates video titles are still available under that banner.

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