Hilary Burnett's Pilates

Hilary Burnett is a certified Pilates instructor through The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado. She teaches a variety of classes, workshops and personal fitness training, and her passion for the Pilates workout is highly evident in her Pilates videos.

Her focus is on targeting the whole body from the inside out, with an emphasis on lengthening the spine. Exercises flow from one to another without awkward breaks. A beautiful set, soothing music, and effective imagery, make this a calming yet invigorating approach.

The videos are short and sweet, taking only 20 minutes from your busy day. Hilary Burnett pays a lot of attention on concentrated and focused breathing. She instructs the video using a calm, non-intimidating manner which really suits the relaxation of the Pilates workout. She makes the exercises seem easy and doable, even for total beginners.

With the various DVD's to choose from, Hilary Burnett has developed a series of Pilates workouts appropriate for beginners to experienced exercisers. Pilates Basics offers a good feel for what the Pilates workout is like and eases you gently into the Pilates experience. The Pilates three pack is beneficial for beginners because they can grow with the DVD's.

Some of the titles include:

Hilary Burnett's Pilates Basics is an introductory video to this exciting newly popular and fast growing exercise. The video is a mat-based exercise program that was created to tone and strengthen the body from head to foot. It also encourages the user to gain a more complex yet intimate understanding of the body and how it moves. The specially targeted exercises focus on the abdominals - the core of the body. It includes a sequence of intense workouts and maneuvers that energize the body and calm the mind.

The Pilates Intermediate video is yet another mat-based exercise routine that contains an intense workout that completely invigorates your body. The specific exercises are designed to help you further explore and refine the Pilates method. The video is created as in intermediary step between the beginners and advanced Pilates. Through 24 different mat exercises and modifications, Pilates Intermediate prepares you for the advanced level.

Finally, Pilates Advanced is a deeply vigorous and intense workout for only the high level users. The video contains as many as 40 high intensity exercises for this “Hot Pilates” workout. The video helps you to master the form and flow of the Pilates mat-work and to help you shape a long, lean body.

Each level of the Hilary Burnett's Pilates DVD's area available through Amazon.com, and they cost approximately $13.

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