Kathy Smith Pilates

Popular fitness guru and exercise video veteran Kathy Smith leads you through targeted Pilates workouts in her series of Pilates workout videos.

Starting with a thorough introduction on the importance of the “powerhouse” muscles, she then takes you through 4-8 reps of each exercise chosen to challenge the particular area of the body as indicated in the title. She demonstrates beginner level moves while an assistant demonstrates advanced variations. Kathy Smith is particularly good at describing analogies that help you visualize correct form.

Titles include:

Pilates for the Lower Body strives to tone your muscles while also teaching you the proper way to use your body. This video is designed to create a long, lean, lower body while also building your physical strength, preparing you for a variety of sports activities and daily tasks. The Pilates video begins by teaching you the structural basics of Pilates and then Kathy Smith guides you through a sequence of buns and thigh firming exercises. The routine is designed to improve your posture, strength, flexibility, circulation, and coordination. The video is about 36 minutes long and is suitable for beginners and intermediate fitness levels.

Kathy Smith's Pilates for Abs is a “precision toning system to create a strong, flat stomach.” This video also focuses on improving the way you use your body while moving you through a series of ab exercises to create that toned, sexy stomach. You'll build the graceful stature of a dancer while strengthening your body for daily activities. The video workout begins with an eight minute warm-up routine that teaches you the basic Pilates movements and mental focus so that you can stimulate your core. The following 22 minute workout targets the abs by working the deep muscle layers that will flatten the stomach and lengthen the spine. This video is beneficial for users of all fitness levels.

The Ultimate Pilates DVD Set contains the Pilates for Abs and Pilates for Lower Body workouts. If both of these workouts would interest you than the Ultimate Pilates DVD is highly beneficial.

Both Pilates for the Abs and Pilates for the Lower Body are available on Amazon.com for about $13. The Ultimate Pilates set is also available on Amazon.com for approximately $27.

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