Liz Gillies Core Fitness

Liz Gillies, a stability ball and Pilates expert, has put out a few Pilates-based exercise programs under her Core Fitness exercise series. Her workout videos focus on working the entire body and building strength, and they are deeply inspired by her background in dance.

Liz Gillies is instantly charming and keeps you motivated throughout the exercises. She is highly inspirational and focuses on maintaining the correct Pilates form and postures.

Titles include:

Progressive Pilates - Four 10 Minute Target-Tone Workouts offers four easy-to-fit-in ten minute Pilates workouts. Each of the ten minute sections focuses on a different target body zone including the glutes, thighs, upper body, and abdominal muscles. There is also a fifth bonus workout segment entitled the 10 Minute Total Body Weight Loss Challenge. The video combines the basic Pilates movements and exercise with dance-inspired body toning techniques. It places an emphasis on exercising the whole body and pair of five pound weights is suggested for use during the routine. The workout is best suited for intermediate fitness levels.

Pilates instructor Liz Gillies encourages you to find time in your busy schedule for just ten minutes of beneficial Pilates each and every day. With the ability to mix and match these ten minute workouts, you can create your own personalized workout routine. Liz Gillies Core Fitness - Progressive Pilates - Four 10 Minute Target-Tone Workouts is available on for approximately $13.

Progressive Pilates for Weight Loss is an intense 40 minute workout program that combines strengthening and muscle toning exercises with a fat burning routine to help melt away those extra pounds. The first section on the DVD is an invigorating mix of cardio and Pilates. This is the sweat-producing, fat-burning segment. The second segment of the video is the Pilates matwork. This workout may be too advanced for Pilates beginners and is intended for those at an intermediate fitness level. Liz Gillies Core Fitness – Progressive Pilates for Weight Loss is available on DVD at for roughly $13.

Liz Gillies Core Fitness – Progressive Pilates Total Body DVD is just a box set including her Progressive Pilates for Weight Loss and Four 10 Minute Target-Tone Workout videos. Don't be fooled by the title into thinking that it is a new workout DVD by Liz Gillies. The Total Body DVD set can be purchased on for approximately $22.

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