Noelle's Powerhouse - A Pilates Method

The Pilates Method is a workout series created by Noelle, a California-based trainer to the stars, who has integrated the Pilates-style exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. Her videos have low complexity, easy to follow exercise sequences that provide you with energy and motivation. She has chosen only her favorite exercises to put in her videos that really achieve fantastic results.

Titles in Noelle's Powerhouse Series include:

Her videos focus on the “powerhouse,” which are the muscles that support the spine, abs, lower back, hip and buns. If the core is strong, the rest of the body can then move with ease. Clear cues and detailed descriptions help you through the often subtle movements. You'll feel invigorated, not exhausted, after these mat workouts.

Noelle's Complete Mat Workout DVD is a 26 minute full-body workout that targets the muscles of your body's powerhouse. It targets all the areas of the body, not just specific target zones like most of the other Pilates DVDs, and it achieves great results. The workout atmosphere on the video is bright and friendly, and Noelle is very encouraging and likeable as she seems like an ordinary person, not some fake personality like other video instructors. She also has two assistants who demonstrate the easier and advanced versions of each exercise. The video is rated at being intermediate level as Noelle does not always fully explain all of the Pilates movements. She does however keep you informed on the proper Pilates form throughout the video.

Noelle's Pilates in Your Pocket video is designed for those of you who do not have time to take an hour out of your day for a Pilates Workout - but this video makes it easy to fit a Pilates exercise into even the busiest of schedules. While still maintaining focus on the body's powerhouse muscles, this video offers a ten minute workout routine that still has all the benefits of a traditional Pilates workout. The total runtime of the video is only 12 minutes and the movements are so easy to use that it is great for traveling - you can do a quick Pilates workout anytime, anywhere.

Lastly we have Noelle's Focus on Abs video. In this DVD, Noelle offers a targeted Pilates workout that focuses on the abdominal muscles to achieve flat, sexy abs, a smaller toned waistline, and a streamlined torso. This video is another short and sleek workout routine, running just 15 minutes in length. A 15 minute routine allows you to work the muscles a little deeper but it is still possible to fit into your daily schedule.

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