Pilates for Wimps

The bestselling Wimps series is your best road to Pilates success. As the Wimps Series claims, these exercises provide “total fitness for the partially motivated.” Anyone can enjoy Pilates and this video proves it by breaking it down into simple moves. With this video you no longer have an excuse for not working out! It makes the workout process as easy as possible.

The video is lead by certified fitness instructor Annika Carlson who provides easy-to-follow instructions and a wealth of detail for those who are just starting to get into shape. It is a very basic Pilates workout designed for the absolute beginner - people who are more advanced or at least have done some Pilates before will probably not benefit from this DVD.

The structure of the DVD includes the warm-up, a section on Pilates mat and floor exercises, and a section on standing exercises. There is even a photo gallery section on the DVD which has encouraging photographs of ordinary, average people who have mastered Pilates and feel better about exercise and their bodies. There is the option of working out with the instructor's narration, or to music without narration. The video is not overly long with a runtime of just 36 minutes, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Annika Carlson uses a playful, energetic teaching style to keep you motivated and interested throughout the workout. She guides you through the video demonstrating two fitness levels. Carlson completes the intermediate level exercises while beginners can follow along with the easier modifications which are demonstrated by her assistant. The exercise routine is very adaptable for varying levels. The assistant also shows you how to incorporate a chair, pillow, or towel into your exercises if needed. This workout will help you improve your posture and balance, increase your flexibility, tone and strengthen your muscles, and just make you feel great overall. Pilates is a great way to add some energy back into your body.

You've completed the first step by reading this review, now all you have to do is buy the DVD and you'll be on your way to the world of fitness! Pilates for Wimps, along with the other DVDs in the Wimps Series, is available at Amazon.com for about $13.

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