Pilates on the Go

Pilates on the Go is a simply filmed, basic 52 minute workout routine that is lead by certified Pilates master trainer Maria Leone. Maria Leone has extensive knowledge in the Pilates field as she has been teaching Pilates for more than 15 years, and is even a personal Pilates trainer for many celebrities. Her advanced experience and skill makes this Pilates video beneficial for people of all fitness levels.

Leone starts off the workout by taking a few minutes of time to explain the basic principles and goals behind the Pilates method. Next she begins with a brief warm-up exercise and then jumps right into the workout with rollups, 100s, scissors, rowing, criss-cross - all of the classic Pilates movements. She does not blend her exercise with any dance-inspired moves, yoga, or Tai Chi - she just sticks to all of the basic mat-based movements that were developed by Joseph Pilates. These exercises focus on proper form, correct breathing techniques, spine stretches, alignment, balance and posture, and “core-strength”.

Pilates on the Go is a full-body workout that includes almost all of the exercises known to Pilates. It doesn't waist time with fancy routines, just gets right down to business. Maria Leone provides instructions using a calming, pleasant voice which is often better motivation than other loud instructors. Her exercises are delivered in an effective and logical order that allows you to flow smoothly from one exercise to the next.

Leone also demonstrates complete modified versions of each exercise. If you are new to Pilates, you may not want to jump right into the Intermediate exercise, but instead complete some of the modified versions that Leone shows. Most of the Pilates exercises are completed while on your back, stomach, or side, but there are a few that are done while standing. Just be advised that most of the workout requires the use of Resistance Tubing and Resistance Bands, equipment that does not come with the video and may not necessarily be listed on the DVD cover.

Pilates on the Go promises to improve your posture strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, increase your flexibility, help prevent stress and back pain, and tone and strengthen your entire body. Sharpen your muscles and your mind/body connection by doing Pilates. In addition to all of these benefits, Pilates on the Go also includes a bonus upper body workout.

The video is labeled as, “smart fitness for people on the go.” Pilates on the Go is available on Amazon.com for approximately $20. Another video in the series similar to this one is Pilates on the Go - On the Ball. This video makes use of a Pilates exercise ball, and can also be purchased on Amazon.com for about $18.

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