Pilates Workout for Dummies

The popular “Dummies” series strives to demystify Pilates exercise so that first-timers can understand its principles and enjoy its benefits. The Pilates video is instructed by well known instructor Michelle Dozois, fitness professional and co-owner of Breathru Fitness Pilates studio in Pasadena, CA, who has also appeared in more than 15 workout videos.

Pilates Workout for Dummies is a 60 minute video designed especially for Pilates beginners; however it may still be suitable for intermediate users. Michelle Dozois takes you through 18 classic Pilates exercises for the mat in the Basic Workout. She fully explains and demonstrates each exercise and then completes the exercise with six to ten repetitions.

The “Powerhouse” of the body is fully explained and how to use it. All the Pilates basics are covered including tips and reminders on proper breathing technique, alignment, and concise instructions on how to execute each movement. Along with a demonstration of each movement, the video also offers modifications, showing you easier or more advanced versions of each exercise. Throughout the video Dozois offers cautions against some of the most common mistakes and also provides tips on form and how to complete each exercise effectively.

Dozois then progresses with a faster paced approach for an Intermediate Workout. This section consists of basic Pilates exercises plus some new ones as well which are all completed with more challenging instructions. She provides breathing cues, tips on proper form, and modifications so you can adapt the moves to suit your ability level.

With this Pilates workout you can tone and reshape your entire body - turning your body into a workout machine! The classic mat exercises help you to create sexy long, lean legs, tighten abdominal muscles, increase your flexibility, and improve your posture. Pilates is also great for those who often experience a lot of back pain and discomfort. The exercises effectively strengthen the muscles of your back and eliminate back pain.

If you have ever just once thought about trying Pilates, then Pilates for Dummies is the DVD for you. It's a great workout for beginners as they can progress with the video. Pilates Workout for Dummies is available on Amazon.com for roughly $11.

If you really like this video, then you may also enjoy Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies, which is also available on Amazon.com for about $11. This video guides you through an easy-to-follow Pilates mat workout that is designed to help you burn those extra calories - it makes a great addition to any weight-loss program. This video is instructed by Tracy Thompson, a certified fitness professional who specializes in the Pilates method.

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