Quick Fix Total Pilates Workout

The unique aspect of the Quick Fix Total Pilates Workout DVD is the “Quick Fix Blender”. The blender allows you to customize your own workout by choosing from nine different exercise programs. You can create more than 100 various combinations for a different workout every time, lasting between ten to 30 minutes. You choose between one to three workout segments, mixing and matching Pilates movements with yoga. Depending on your mood, it's your choice to do a relax-and-stretch workout, or a high intensity routine.

Each of the different exercise segments are only ten minutes long, which makes it easy to fit a Pilates workout into your day. You can do one module or all of them, depending on how much time you have and how much you feel like doing. This approach to fitness allows you to target the arms, legs, abs, and buns. The video offers you the ability to build your own personalized exercise program for a complete total body workout.

The exercise routine is divided into two different subgroups - Pilates and yoga - each with their own set of four different workouts. The four Pilates workouts are Pilates Abs, Legs, Total Body, and Challenge. The instructions for the Pilates exercises are pretty good, but not exceptional. Having a little bit of a background in Pilates would be beneficial before starting this workout. The challenge section has less pausing and explanations and a faster pace than the others, as it is the most intense of all the Pilates segments.

The four yoga workouts are Yoga for Energy, Flexibility, Strength, and Challenge. None of the yoga segments provide any kind of intense workout, but are great for establishing a body-mind connection. They are also a great way to relax at the end of the day or can be used as warm-ups or cool-downs.

Instructor Tracy York introduces you to the Pilates principles before embarking on a stimulating workout, providing modifications for different abilities. A countdown timer helps motivate you through the program, so it feels like it's over before you know it.

The video provides a “Quick Fix” of exercise when you need it but don't necessarily have a lot of time. Quick Fix Total Pilates Workout, and the other videos from the Quick Fix series, is available on Amazon.com for approximately $11.

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