Stott Pilates™ Series

There are close to 60 titles in the Stott Pilates video/DVD series, making it the most comprehensive collection available. Some are geared to a professional audience (Stott Pilates also runs a reputable training and certification program), but most are suitable for both fitness instructors and home exercisers. The Matwork Pro Series has levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced audiences, so there is a program for just about everyone.

The mat-based series includes such titles as The Secret to Flat Abs, Firm & Fit, and Core Challenge. The Pilates Express series (Sunrise, Revive, and Relaxation Workouts) inject a little Pilates into your day in just 22 minutes. There's a Backcare series, including Be Kind to Your Spine and Pain-Free Posture, that targets this problem area and relieves back pain, and an Armchair Pilates series geared to a more sedentary audience.

Bringing small props into the scene, there are plenty of innovative programs that involve the Flex-Band, Fitness Circle, Stability Ball, Foam Roller, Toning Balls, and BOSU balance trainer. All the major pieces of Pilates equipment are covered as well. You can choose a program that is based around specific Pilates exercise equipment, or you can perform the basic mat routines.

Among Stott's most recent releases are some Pilates-infused Yoga Series plus a Fitness Fun series which is geared towards children. The Weight Loss series is a form of walking Pilates designed as a calorie burning workout that incorporates low-impact cardio with a body sculpting routine. Other Stott Pilates DVD series include the Walking Pilates Series, the Reformer Series, and the Barrels Series.

Most of the videos are led by Moira Merrithew, who has been called “The First Lady of Pilates” and has studied Pilates for over 12 years. Her soothing voice motivates you through each workout, grounding you with the basic principles before challenging you with a balanced repertoire of stretching and strengthening moves. She provides enough details to let you know what muscles are being targeted without sounding like an anatomy class, and her encouraging visualizations help you establish correct form without a lot of peppy hype that's all too prevalent in fitness videos.

Stott Pilates company slogan captures it well - “intelligent exercise, profound results.” It's a contemporary approach to health and fitness, and is quite unlike traditional exercise. Most of the Stott Pilates Series DVDs can be purchased online at, and their prices average around $15.

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