How to Find a Pilates Instructor

Pilates classes are commonly taught in groups of varying size or during private one-on-one instruction. The movements, once perfected, can also be performed at home.

Choosing an instructor who is qualified to teach Pilates - especially for beginners - is highly recommended. Certifications are awarded through reputable training programs and professional institutions. Qualified Pilates teachers should have trained under a master Pilates instructor. The formal training should take at least 600-hours of apprenticing, observation and teaching both with an assistant and solo. A written exam and a practical exam are required for trainees to demonstrate their knowledge of all aspects of Pilates exercise.

There are many capable and gifted certified Pilates instructors in studios and working freelance in North America today. Local gyms, holistic workshops and dance studios are ideal places to help you get connected with one.

Before you start your hunt for a qualified Pilates teacher, here are some general questions and guidelines to consider:

Needless to say, observing the instructor teaching students is a good start. Also, trying out one class (some offer free trials) is the best way to know if their teaching style suits your fitness goals. Once you find the right teacher for you, you will enjoy the benefits of the Pilates exercise that much more.

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