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Finding it hard to make time in your schedule for a Pilates class? Try getting started with a home Pilates workout video.

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This is a great, relatively economical place for beginners to start and a fun, social way to continue Pilates practice. Using standing, sitting and lying down positions, the instructor cues students through the various stretches and movements, offering visualizations and motivating pep talks to help them make that mind-body fitness connection.

Ideally group mat Pilates classes have a manageable student-teacher ratio (10-15 students) so the instructor can monitor each individual's form and progress. Classes should be leveled for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
If you are uncomfortable in a group class situation or feel you require one on one attention then Pilates sessions for 2-4 students or private Pilates lessons may be your thing. As you become more confidant with your Pilates routine you might find a group mat class situation is a fun and social way to keep fit.

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