History of Pilates

As the Pilates industry has evolved throughout the decades, some big names have emerged. Here's a brief outline of some of the well-known Pilates personalities.

Joseph H. Pilates Moira Merrithew Romana Kryzanowska
The father of Pilates, Joseph H. Pilates founded the Pilates movement in the 1920's... Moria Merrithew, once the principal ballerina with the City Ballet of Toronto was prompted to try Pilates by a neck injury... Romana Kryzanowska is one of the pre-eminent disciples of Joseph and Clara Pilates...
Joseph H. Pilates
Moria Merrithew
Romana Kryzanowska

Mary Bowen Ron Fletcher Clara Pilates Mari Winsor
An active member of the Pilates Method Alliance, Mary Bowen still takes one Pilates class a week... Ron Fletcher was a dancer with Martha Graham's company when a knee problem brought him to Joe and Clara's studio in the 1940s... Clara Pilates was Joseph's wife and partner at their New York studio... Mari Winsor's top-selling line of Winsor Pilates videos have helped popularize the technique with the masses...
Mary Bowen
Ron Fletcher
Clara Pilates
Mari Winsor
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